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          Addr: Building A1 Alatan Khan Street Rare Earth Application Industrial Park Baotou Rare Earth Hi-Tech Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.
          Tel: 0472-6916050
          Fax: 0472-6916090
          E-mail: sales@instmagnets.com
          Website: http://www.qpmingliu.com
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          Founded in June 2011, Baotou Inst magnetic New Material Co., Ltd. has 3 subsidiaries, 2 branches (Kunshan R & D center and Shenzhen Branch) and 5 offices. The rare earth characteristic industrial base of the rare earth high tech Zone covers an area of nearly 19000 square meters and the rare earth deep processing base covers an area of nearly 36000 square meters. With the business philosophy of "integrity, efficiency, innovation and win-win", the company focuses on the R & D, design, production and sales of rare earth magnetic material application devices with the spirit of "craftsman" of "grinding a sword for ten years", and strives to create an enterprise image as a leader in the field of rare earth magnetic material application.

          At present, the company has developed into a relatively large-scale production enterprise, with its own brand and trademark, and has obtained the quality, environment, occupational health, intellectual property management and other system certification. The company has successively won the titles of national high-tech enterprise, national specialized and new "small giant", national technological innovation demonstration enterprise, national intelligent manufacturing excellent scene pilot demonstration enterprise, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Enterprise Technology Center, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Enterprise Research and development center, the first batch of new material enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Baotou industrial design center, Baotou science and technology "small giant" enterprise Baotou non-public economic innovation enterprise, Baotou foreign trade outstanding contribution enterprise, Baotou top ten digital factories, Baotou top ten specialized, special and new demonstration enterprises, rare earth high tech Zone "green channel enterprise" and other certifications and honors. 2021 with Shure of Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences Academician Dmitri cooperated to establish the academician workstation of "rare earth magnetic material application", becoming the first foreign academician workstation in Baotou.

          The company adopts advanced operation and management mode, equipped with high-quality and experienced professional and technical personnel, guided by customer demand and product market, and constantly improves product quality and scientific and technological content. The industry of the company is classified as "computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry (C39)". The independent technology is in the leading position in China. The company has obtained 98 patents, including 17 invention patents, which have been applied to all aspects of product production. At present, it is the main supplier of rare earth magnetic material application devices for many international well-known consumer electronics brands.

          Facing the future, innovation is the source of power, science and technology is an important support, and independent innovation is the only way. We will closely follow the development trend of the times, plan the layout in advance, increase investment and seize the opportunity. Strive to master more independent intellectual property rights in key fields. The company will focus on extending the research and development of rare earth magnetic materials and devices in innovative fields such as 5g and intelligent vehicles, strive to build a new development pattern, and make steady progress towards the development goal of striving to become a first-class enterprise.

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          Addr:Building A1 Alatan Khan Street Rare Earth Application Industrial Park Baotou Rare Earth Hi-Tech Zone, Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China.  Tel:0472-6916050    
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